• "taxtool": [source] It becomes to cumbersome to use MS Excel or Google Spreadsheets to make sense of my crypto currency taxes. I need more precise tooling. So I build taxtool, which is a small CLI that helps me sanitize my tax data.

  • "rugpullindex.com" [product] [launch post] [blog]: A "rug pull" is a new type of attack where a malicious party pulls a significant portion of liquidity from a market to take profits. As attacks for on-chain crypto currency exchanges accumulate, I launch an index that rates markets by their risk of getting rug pulled. I get sponsored by the Ocean Protocol Foundation to develop the project further.



  • "WASM SYNTH" [source] [live] [slides] [talk]: I decide that I want to spend more time working with music and so I build a synthesizer myself. I also write a blog about it and give a talk at the Berlin web audio meetup.

  • "Planet A" [source] [live] [intro post] [recap post]: Some members of Social Dist0rtion Protocol and I decide that we want to do our part in the fight against climate change and so we develop a "serious social game" to playfully raise awareness about tragedy of the commons problems.

  • "peep.cash" [source] [philosophy post]: I help LeapDAO build a simple web wallet for fast money transfers on Ethereum Plasma.

  • "cannes.motion.ooo" [source] [recap post]: I fork of the original burner-wallet by Austin Griffith to build a web wallet that is capable to manage and monetize intellectual property rights of movies.

  • "sundai.io" [source] [recap]: Super last-minute, I help LeapDAO setup a pop-up economy for the Blocksplit conference in Croatia.

  • "Build your own crypto token" [recording] [source]: A friend and I teach a course on "crypto tokens" to refugees at ReDi school

  • "mate display" [source] [video]: My flat mate and I build a huge display in our kitchen, made out of empty Club Mate crates. We use an ESP32.

  • "0xdeface.me" [source] [live] [wp] [talk]: After months of Ethereum smart contract hacking, I decide that I have to do something about security. I write a whitepaper for a project called 0xdeface me. It's a security vulnerability submission process protocol specification. l0l.

  • "becoming a 1337 h4xx0r" [ctf writeup] [ethernaut writeup]: I somehow become extremely interested in Ethereum smart contract security and spend nearly two full months learning about it.


  • "Social Dist0rtion Protocol" [live]: Me and the crew attend chaos computer congress. For the first time, we call ourselves officially "Social Dist0rtion Protocol" and launch a game called huntzuckerberg.xyz. [source].

  • "mycollectibles.io" [source]: I become quite frustrated with the ERC-721 standard on collectibles and decide to build my own web wallet.

  • "artonomous at ETHBerlin" [source] [devpost] [intro by simon] [more details]: I take part in the ETHBerlin hackathon and find myself in an amazing time working on an autonomous non-human artist. Our team wins the hackathon. I'm extremely sleep-deprived but happy.

  • "ipfs-converter.com" [source] [hn post]: I get frustrated using centralized video converter websites. I want distributed systems now! And so I foolishly decide to build a website that converts and uploads any type of movie file directly to IPFS. I submit the site to hacker news and they love it. So much that they crash the site.

  • "(F)unemployed": I quit my job at BigchainDB to travel, chill and explore new stuff.

  • "Piano lessons": I start playing the piano.


  • "Berlin Marathon 2017": I run the Berlin Marathon.

  • "What's next for BigchainDB?" [recording]: I give a talk at the 9984 conference about BigchainDB's future roadmap.

  • "BigchainDB V1.0 released!" [recording]: I give a talk at the BigchainDB monthly meetup about the new features of BigchainDB v1.0. I also do my first live coding ever! So exciting!


  • "COALA IP" [wp] [web] [talk]: For months, some colleagues and I work on a protocol to store intellectual property claims on blockchains.

  • "videogame" [source] [live]: I want to know how game engines work, so I start building my own, but never finish it.


  • "json-resume-paper" [source] [live]: I'm looking for a job in Berlin, so I need a resume. I find jsonresume.org and think it's a cool idea. I build a theme and submit it to their website. It becomes surprisingly popular.

  • "Using Textual Emotion Extraction in Context-Aware Computing" [pdf]: I write my bachelor thesis about emotion extraction in text and context-aware computing.


  • "privacypatterns.eu" [live]: As a Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft, I help to build an interactive portal to curate privacy-enhancing patterns.