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Tim as a reflection in a light installation Hi there! 👋 Glad you're here! As you might have noticed, you're on my web presence. Here, I document my projects and write about topics that interest me. In the following sections, I'll tell you a bit more about who I Am and what I'm doing. To contact me directly, please reach out via email.

Who Am I

I'm a software engineer living in Berlin, Germany. I studied Computer Science and Media at Ulm University and graduated as a Bachelor of Science in 2015. I'm focusing my professional interest on crypto currencies. Friends and colleagues would say that I specialize in path-finding my way towards web3. It's long form for saying that I enjoy working in research and development.

The Social Dist0rtion Protocol dome Although I don't like to admit it, I'm probably a rather political person. For sure, you'll see me make ethical and philosophical arguments. I mean, if anything, this blog is an outlet: Like a value to let some steam escape.

But I genuinely love philosphy and its literature. I'm a late bloomer and probably only understood late in life that there are indeed different way to perceive the world. To me, topics about psychology, economics and philosophy mix really well and that's how I'd characterize the bulk of my work.

A non-exhaustive list of writers I like are: Simone de Beauvoir, Donna Haraway, Paul Sarte, Daniel Kahneman, Nassim Taleb, Scott Alexander, and Hermann Hesse.

The picture you see above has little to do with literature though: It's a photograph taken from one of our hacker group' dome we built when visiting the Chaos Communication Camp.

When I'm not at my computer, I like to go out with friends - I love nature, dancing, trying and learning new skills, sports and drawing.

What Projects do I work on?