Tim as a reflection in a light installation Hi there! 👋 Glad you're here! As you might have noticed, you're on my web presence. Here, I document my projects and write about topics that interest me. In the following sections, I'll tell you a bit more about who I Am and what I'm doing. To contact me directly, please reach out via email.

Who Am I

I'm a software engineer living in Berlin, Germany. Before moving here, I studied Computer Science and Media at Ulm University and graduated as a Bachelor of Science in 2015. Until recently, I focused most of my professional interest in cryptocurrencies. I decided, however, that I'd like to embrace my smaller and - so far - mostly private side projects professionally too!

The Social Dist0rtion Protocol dome As an l33t haxx0r, I'm part of a collective called Social Dist0rtion Protocol. SDP describes itself as a "collective intelligence spawned in the waste products of social media virtual realities [...]". In reality, of course, we're just a bunch of friends that like to participate in chaos events and regularly meet at c-base. So far, we've shipped three games (1, 2, 3) and even built a fully-DIY psychedelic dome at cccamp19!

In my free time, I do a variety of non-computer related things. At the beginning of 2018, I've started taking piano lessons. Though practicing multiple times a week is really tough, it became a rewarding habit when I realized that learning new songs requires a particular strategy to build muscle. But also memorizing a song's notes requires deliberate technique. Practicing piano opened up a whole new category of enjoyable activities for me. For example, I credit playing the piano for my quick progress in learning to swim freestyle!

Tim running a marathon Lastly, I really enjoy sports. Particularly, when I can do them outdoors and for free! I'm an avid runner and cyclist. Lately, I also discovered freestyle swimming. I particularly like the combination of full-body coordination and breathing, something that came quite naturally to me for running and cycling and that I had to learn the hard way swimming. Recently, I also picked up acrobatics. I'm starting to really like it!

What Am I Doing